lunedì 12 gennaio 2009


The chat was attended by about 25 people from the Netherlands, the Philippines, Germany, Italy, France, the U.K., Catalonia/Spain, Croatia, Australia and the U.S. of A.

Ideas for the Global Week of Action 2009
- Everybody needs to help and spread the word about the Week of Action locally and globally!!
- The following is one proposal on how the "Global Week of Action" could be organized: 
1st day: events and lessons on the squares of various cities
2nd and 3rd day: free laboratories on "public education guaranteed". (I am not sure what is meant by that.)
4th day: events inside coutries capital
5-7th day: sit-in and sleep-in in front of each parliament!
(I hope that the person who suggested this will still post it inside one of the forums, so that we can collect different suggestions and discuss this one!)
- Having video- and/or tele-conferences during the week. Details still need to be discussed. (Jomar made a suggestion on how such a conference could be structured, please post details inside the forum.)
- Getting groups of workers and teachers involved in the week of action! Each one must make use of his/her contacts to such groups.
- Each group can decide autonomously how they want to express their protest as part of the Global Week of Action. But we are gathering suggestions. A summary with all the basic info on the week of action can be accessed here:
- Everybody agreed that we should choose a day during the week of action, where groups in various countries stage prominent protests at the same time! Protests on that particular day should be co-ordinated together!
- Anybody please post an entry for this inside this forum, where we can discuss which day we should pick:
- Suggestion: Similar flash-mob by groups around the world, recorded on a video. And all the clips could then be put together into one video, which shows the global perspective of the struggle! This could also be done as part of the "united day of action" (Sounds like a great idea and should also be discussed in the forum!)
- We need different "contact people" for each language. So that people visiting the Call in "their" language can also contact a person in "their" language for enquiries. Anybody willing to be listed below the Call in Spanish, Italian or Polish?

What needs to be done:
- Extend the network and get in touch with more groups and movements locally and globally for the "Global Week of Action 2009"! will be used as the "official" platform to co-ordinate things and as a source of information for the week of action. Activists will link to the homepage on as many homepages as possible. Spread the Call, which is currently available in English, German, Spanish, Italian and Polish, and publish it on Indymedias and other platforms. The links to the call in various languages can be accessed here: 
- More tanslations will follow soon. Activists confirmed that they will translate it into Croatian and French. Anybody else willing to do a translation?
- Activists are asked to make designs for posters (two-coloured and containing the word "Reclaim your Education - Global Week of Action 2009 in various languages; the poster used for the international day of action: and flyers. Please publish suggestions inside the forums. Two activists already volunteered to attempt making a poster design. To the designers: please leave some space on flyers or posters, so that each group can fill in their own e-mail address.
- A banner for homepages would be great as well. Anybody?
- Suggestion: create a channel on youtube, so that we can all share videos with each other and get more exposure. Anybody wants to do that?
- Suggestion: movements involved in the week of action create a video in which they present their theoretical position and means of action each. These could then be uploaded onto the youtube channel and others could comment and react with other video messages to it.
- We agreed that we should have a "one time" logo and slogan especially for the "Global Week of Action". Any suggestions are welcome. And it might be a good idea to then also post them inside the forum. A logo could contain the words "Global Week of Action 2009", a worldmap and a person throwing a book or holding a pen in a fist.
- Suggestion: A website, especially for the "Global Week of Action 2009". For example just displaying an interactive worldmap, which links and provides contacts to all the groups and movements around the world involved (of course only those that are willing to be included). Anybody willing and able to do something like that?

In the meantime, make use of the forum!!

I am always open for questions and suggestions.

It was inspiring to chat with you all.
Now is really the time to unite globally for free and emancipating public education!!
And we can kick this off!