giovedì 12 febbraio 2009


  • We want a YouTube channel (Can anybody do that? Maybe called something like "United4Education"?) 

  • ALL groups are then asked to upload videos of recent protests in "their" region in English there.

  • Considering internationally/globally co-ordinated occupations (of e.g. university buildings or other public spaces) to increase the political pressure and to emphasize the global perspective of the struggle.

  • Consider to have "activists exchanges" (e.g. small groups from Italy could travel to England and visit occupations and protests there; that way groups and movements will get to know each other better and establish some sort of relationship; of course this can only happen to a certain degree).

  • Four days ago hundreds of students protested against the introduction of tuition fees in Bielefeld (Germany):

  • Always tag videos with "international+students+movement", when uploading protest videos on youtube or other platforms.

  • Write blog entries, websites and upload videos about protests in "your" region in English, so that people around the world can read them!

  • Consider to make a "mobilisation video" for the global week of action locally, just like activists in Croatia did for the international day of action:
    Activists in Marburg (Germany) will probably do one.

  • Next chat is in two weeks again ==> 22/02 same time, same place!

Let's do this TOGETHER!