giovedì 5 febbraio 2009

3° Assemblea organizzativa GLOBAL WEEK OF ACTION 2009 - 8/2/09 h. 15:00

Agenda proposal for the next "international chat-conference"

TOP1: round of introduction (if deemed necessary)
TOP2: announcements (open space for all who want to make any sort of announcements)
TOP3: Discussion: List of "leading figures" and professors who support and/or are part of the struggle! [~20mins]
TOP4: Discussion: Wave of occupations? [~25mins]
TOP5: "Global Flashmob" [~25mins]
TOP6: Open Space
Of course the agenda is - as always - open for modifications. So, if you want to suggest a TOP or see any changes, then let me know.

How to join the chat:

Feb.8th (Sunday) ---- 3pm GMT ---- click on this link to get to the chatroom:
To give yourself a nick just enter "/nick YOURNICK".
Or go here: and enter your nick and the Channel (#education) inside the mask.
If you have any problems with the chatroom, just drop me a line and we'll try to fix it.