martedì 17 febbraio 2009

4° Assemblea organizzativa GLOBAL WEEK OF ACTION 2009 - 22/2/09 h. 15:00

Agenda proposal for the next "international chat-conference"

TOP1: Round of introduction (if deemed necessary and praticable)

TOP2: General questions (space to ask general questions regarding the global week of action and the "International Students Movement"open space for all who want to make any sort of announcements)

TOP3: Announcements (open space for all those who want to make any sort of announcement) 

TOP4: Things to be done! (e.g. translations, mobilisation video, poster designs, ... [~25mins]) 

TOP5: "Global Flashmob" (for details: [~25mins])

If there is enough time and energy left: 
TOP6: Collecting suggestions on how the week of action can be filled (e.g. teach-ins in public spaces [~30mins])

TOP7: Open Space

How to join the chat:
Feb.22nd (Sunday) ---- 3pm GMT ---- click on this link to get to the chatroom:

To give yourself a nick just enter "/nick YOURNICK".

Or go here: and enter your nick and the Channel (#education) inside the mask.
If you have any problems with the chatroom, just drop me a line and we'll try to fix it.

I created an "event page" for the chat this time (for the first time!) and more than 140 confirmed their attendance so far. Therefore I expect dozens of people attending the chat this time. I have no idea how we will be able to handle that.

But then again, it is great, if more people get involved :)