martedì 27 gennaio 2009


The chat was attended by 9 or 10 people from the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Bulgaria and the U.S. of A. I hope there will be more people involved in the next one.

"Contact people" for various languages and translations

  • During the chat activists in Spain ( and Italy ( agreed to be listed as a "contact person" below the call of "their" language on the website.

  • Is anybody who knows French or Polish willing to be listed as a "contact person" as well?

  • Anybody willing and able to contribute a translation of the "Call"? So far it is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Polish.

Deciding for a day during the "Global Week of Action" for united actions and what kind of actions!

  • Groups in Spain, Italy and the U.S. of A. support the suggestion to have the "day for united actions" on Wednesday (April 22nd). Any other suggestions?

  • We agreed that a "global flashmob" might be a good idea. Groups around the world could mobilize for a flashmob as part of the "Global Week of Action" at some prominant place (on April 22nd) in their region.
    Each flashmob could be then filmed and we then put a video together with all the flashmobs showing similar scenes around the world. 
    The flashmob could involve a book for which we can design a cover. That cover symbolizes free and emancipating education... so it contains for example a picuture designed by Andrea ( plus some words like: "Free Education Empowers! - Globally united against the Commercialisation of Education!"
    That cover can be printed out by all groups and posted onto a book.
    That book will then symbolize the "good education system" and the global movement struggling for such a system! At the city which will be seen in the first scene of the video a person holds the book cover closely into the camera, then s/he turns around and and is being faced by a crowd of people holding placards and banners showing a barcode incl. the word "education", slogans such as "Education for profit!" or "Education for the labour market!" or anything like that. The person with the book then runs through the crowd holding the signs pushing them aside! When the person with the book reaches the end of the crowd and tries to run away, s/he is being followed by the crowd again and chased.
    Just before the crowd catches the one holding the book s/he reaches out, just as if the person wants to pass the book to someone else!
    Then in the next scene the viewer sees a flashmob at the next city which begins with a person holding his/her arm outside of the screen and then showing that s/he is holding the book (with the same cover!). In the background a crowd with people holding banners and placards similar to the ones in the previous city can be seen. Now the person holding the book is being chased by the crowd as well and runs away. And just before s/he is caught the person also reaches out the book, just as if s/he tries to give it to someone else.
    This will then happen at every city or country where groups want to participate. It would just have to be filmed and then we put together a video with all the scenes showing a person holding the book being chased by "commercialisation-monsters" :op
    That was just an idea. It is open for discussion, just like the particular day we choose as the "day of united action". Please join the discussion here:

  • Each group can decide autonomously how they want to express their protest as part of the Global Week of Action. But we are gathering suggestions. A summary with all the basic info on the week of action can be accessed here:

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