venerdì 20 marzo 2009

6° Assemblea organizzativa GLOBAL WEEK OF ACTION 2009 - 22/3/09 h. 15:00

TOP1: short round of introduction (if deemed necessary)

TOP2: announcements (anybody who want to report about something related to the commercialization of education, recent protests or calls for solidarity can do so here)

TOP3: Communication during the Global Week of Action

TOP4: Global Flashmob ( if there is any interest, but personally I think this would be a great opportunity to have a symbol of united action!)

TOP5: Open space (if deemed necessary)

TOP6: Protests against the Ministerial Bologna Conference in Leuven/Louvain( The official programme for the ministers is online now: 

Want to see any particular TOPs on the agenda?
Any suggestions are most welcome!!

::: How to join the chat :::

Mar.22nd (Sunday) ---- 3pm GMT ---- click on this link to get to the chatroom:

(Firefox users need to download and install the "security certificate"!)


* select the first room [#education]
* fill out the mask
* and click on "CHAT"